Community Business Law for Everyone in the Community

About Us


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About the Firm

Rational Unicorn Legal Services LLC practices community business law for everyone in the community. As a certified Oregon Benefit Company, we offer attainable, collaborative, inclusive, and connected legal services. Our down-to-earth attorneys specialize in authentic, magical support for small businesses, nonprofit organizations, and artists and entertainers.

Meet the team…


Our Manifesto


We believe
that community business law can and should be for everyone in the community

We know
that dreams come true with passion, patience, and perseverance, not just hustle

We feel
that being our true, authentic selves is the only way to be

We trust
that Hard work will pay our bills – and pave our future

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Our Core Values

These founding principles are at the heart of everything we do:


We break down cultural and socioeconomic barriers so that people from all walks of life can access affordable business-law services.


We associate and ally with for-profit and nonprofit organizations that share our Benefit Company values and ethics.


We support, advocate for, and hire people who represent the diverse nature of our local communities.


We engage in responsive, timely communication via effective modern technology to ensure that our clients are truly heard.


A Letter from Michael

I believe that, when rules and procedures are followed in any aspect of life, there’s still room for laughter and fun. Being serious is a crucial skill, but life’s too short to be that way all the time. We already have enough on our plates when it comes to the stress and responsibilities of starting and maintaining a business, honoring family commitments, staying on top of bills and debt, and making sense of global issues. Adding legal services into the mix should be something positive and exciting – and indicative of your moving forward with your dreams!

While there are plenty of rules that licensed attorneys must follow, there’s nothing that says we can't combine administration duties with passion and creativity. There’s nothing inherently pretentious, scary, stuffy, inaccessible, or abrasive about practicing law. To prove it, we take great pride in demonstrating that there’s a better way: one that’s attainable, collaborative, inclusive, connected – and, yes, magical.

I created Rational Unicorn Legal Services LLC to help the people who are willing to dream. Having worked tirelessly to get where I am today, I understand what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. Whether you’re just starting out or already have a business, my goal is to provide high-quality legal services that come straight from the heart, backed by the perfect blend of formal training and real-life experience.

Rational Unicorns are amazing folks who stay focused and take the time to prepare, even when the going gets tough. We’d love to support your legal-services needs so you can get back to being your confident, fabulous, frolicking, sparkling, glittering, dazzling self – and sharing your own magic with the world.

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