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we offer a full menu of legal services,
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Service Packages


Our flat-fee, project-based pricing is pay as you go. We aim to make legal services attainable for everyone in the community, so we don’t require you to deposit a large retainer just to be able to get started.

During potential-client consultations and client meetings, we listen, learn, and discuss potential options for moving forward. You’ll be quoted a price for each project. You’ll decide how you’d like to move forward, either right then or after thinking it over. When you choose to proceed, just let us know which project(s) you have in mind, and we’ll bill you accordingly. Once your invoice(s) are paid, we will calendar your project(s) on our production calendar and get to work.

Check out our three most-popular legal packages to find the right one for you:

The Pegasus
Business Package

Be ready to fly high. Instead of paying for each individual service, the Pegasus Business Package bundles your Oregon Corporation or LLC Formation services with a variety of other useful business services.

Package includes:

  • LLC Formation

  • Operating Agreement or Partnership Agreement

  • Two (2) Federal Trademark Applications 

Note: A standard mark that is (a) your business name and (b) your logo is two separate filings, which would be covered by this service.
Applies to marks that fall into one class only. Client pays extra government fees if trademarks fall into multiple classes / categories.

The Narwhal
Nonprofit Package

Prepare to make a splash. If you’re getting ready to create a nonprofit organization, the Narwhal Nonprofit Package provides full-service assistance with the nonprofit-formation process at both the state and federal level.

Package includes:

  • Federal Filing of Nonprofit

    • The 1023 form itself

    • Any 1023 attachments

    • Narrative

    • Conflict of Interest policy

    • Articles of Incorporation

    • Bylaws

  • State Filing of Nonprofit Status

  • Related formation consulting and document editing prior to IRS filing

The Sasquatch
Contracts Package

You’ll be out of the woods in no time. Even Yeti needs basic legal documents, and the Sasquatch Starter Contracts Package covers the interactions between a business and its clients, employees, and independent contractors.

Package includes:

  • Client Service Agreement

  • Employee Agreement OR Independent Contractor Agreement

  • Website Terms of Use

  • Website Privacy Agreement


Services List

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Complete Service Schedule

August 1, 2019

Project fees include reasonable project-related calls and emails.

  • Contract project fees include up to one hour of editing time – in writing, or verbally (by phone or in person) – within the first month of draft completion.

  • No fee is charged for a 30-minute potential-client initial consult in person or by phone. Consult must be service-information related – no document review, research, or legal analysis provided – and is limited to one per person, per matter.

Business and Nonprofit Formation Services

Limited Liability Company (LLC) Formation

Single-Member LLC Formation Project

Costs may increase based on government fee.

Project includes:

  • Articles of Organization filing

  • The firm serving as Registered Agent for the business

  • An Operating Agreement

  • Related business law consulting regarding formation processes

Partnership-Owned LLC Formation Project

Costs may increase based on government fee.

Project includes:

  • Articles of Organization filing

  • The firm serving as Registered Agent for the business

  • A Partnership Operating Agreement

  • Partnership discussions related to entity formation and explanations of potential partnership terms

  • Related business law consulting regarding formation processes

Corporation Formation

Nonprofit Formation 

  • Nonprofit Formation (State) 

  • Federal Nonprofit / 1023 Tax-Exemption Paperwork and Filing 

  • Client-Prepared Federal Tax-Exemption Paperwork and Attachment Review Prior to Filing 


  • Assumed Business Name Filing 

  • Assumed Business Name Cancellation

Contract and Letter Drafting

  • Client Service Agreement

  • Event Liability Waiver

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement

  • Legal Demand Letter

  • Debt Collections Letter

  • Debt Settlement Agreement

  • Contract Review and Feedback
    we also offer monthly retainers for client contract review

  • Employment Offer Letter

  • Employment Agreement

  • Employee Handbook

  • Independent Contractor Agreement

  • Subcontractor Agreement

  • Merchandiser / Supplier Agreement 

  • Distributor / Distribution Agreement 

  • Single-Member LLC Operating Agreement
    without formation package

  • Partnership Agreement Not Owning an Entity
    without formation package

  • Partnership Agreement With Owning an Entity
    for LLC, Corporation, etc.; without formation package

  • Strategic Alliance Agreement

  • Sponsorship Letter / Package

  • Sponsorship Agreement
    Contract Portion

Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law

Trademark + COPYRIGHT

  • Federal Trademark Application

  • Federal Trademark Office Action Response

  • State Trademark Application

  • Copyright Application Preparation and Filing
    when four or more applications are filed, in-bulk discounts are considered

  • Letter to Trademark or Copyright Holder or Agent Requesting Permission to Use

  • Model Release for Photography / Videography

  • Public-Place Filming Flyer or Notification

  • Intellectual Property Release of Rights

  • Trademark “Knockout Search”
    to see if your name or similar names are taken

  • Trademark Search and Analysis and Report

  • Trademark Infringement Analysis and Report

  • Cease and Desist Letter to Infringing Party and Related Communications


  • Licensing Agreement

  • Intellectual Property Assignment Agreement 

  • Copyright Assignment/Transfer Filing 

  • Website Terms and Conditions

  • Website Privacy Agreement

Industry-specific assets

  • Merchandise Distributor / Vendor Agreement 

  • Split Sheets
    no charge for split-sheet templates; charge if contract drafting is desired

  • Record Label Agreement
    fee to be determined on a per-case basis

  • Collaboration Agreement
    fee to be determined on a per-case basis

  • Talent Agreement
    fee to be determined on a per-case basis

  • Music Licensing Agreement
    fee to be determined on a per-case basis

  • Composer Agreement
    fee to be determined on a per-case basis

  • Art Gallery Agreement

  • Consignment Agreement 

  • Tattoo or Hair / Barber Booth Agreement 

  • Event Venue Agreement 

  • Artist Performance Contract 

  • Band Partnership Agreement

  • Food or Art Vendor Agreement 

  • Promoter Agreement 

  • Volunteer Liability Waiver

Small-Claims Court Preparation

Note: Attorneys can advise on Small-Claims Court cases but cannot represent parties in court.

  • One-on-one paperwork preparation

  • Related consulting and reality testing

  • Filing of the Small-Claims Court claim with the Oregon court system and ordering a process server

Mediation, Conflict Resolution, and Community Facilitation Services

  • Attorney in Impartial Mediator Role in Mediation
    both parties must agree to mediate and mediator

  • Attorney Representing a Client in Mediation as Attorney

  • Attorney Representation in Business Meetings or Negotiations

  • Community Benefit Agreement
    meeting facilitation and agreement drafting

  • Conflict Resolution or Anti-Bullying Presentations
    two-hour billing minimum

  • Workplace Mediation and Conflict-Resolution Trainings

General Legal Services  Billed Hourly with Option to Cap

  • Legal Research

  • Legal Research with Memo Drafting

  • Legal Consulting
    beyond initial consult

  • Contract/Document Review

  • Business Deal, Contract, or Settlement Negotiations 

Monthly Business Law Subscription Plans

We are happy to work with businesses and nonprofits that may require ongoing legal needs.

These on-retainer services are offered at competitive rates, and billable time can be capped at your desired total hours per month.

Some of these services may include, but are not limited to:

  • Reviewing any and all contracts

  • Writing legal demand and collection letters

  • Advising on legal matters

Prices will vary depending on business size and types of services. If interested, please submit an inquiry.