Limited Liability Company (LLC) Questionnaire

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Not sure? Please refer to LLC section of Secretary of State website:
Please give the first and last names of any people who will be on the filing, and state if they will be a Member or Manager or both.
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Note: There is an option for to provide a personal address, which is for internal use by the state only, and an external-facing address, which shows up publicly when searched
The purpose can be a combination of product or service types, with or without descriptions like "socially responsible," "sustainable," "provided to low-income communities," etc.
If you don't know specifics yet, please provide general categories, such as marketing, consulting, or printing
Please provide any other details that we should know. For example, was a contribution made by one of the LLC members and, If so, how much? If several people are involved, what are the roles and responsibilities of each person?
Benefit companies promote the triple bottom line – people, planet, and profit. In both Oregon and Maryland, LLCs are allowed to be benefit companies; in other states, only corporations qualify. There is an option to mark, at time of filing, that you wish to be a benefit company.
If you have an existing Assumed Business Name, is it the same name as your new LLC? *
If so, we'll need to cancel it at the same time your LLC is formed. ("assumed business name" is the same as "doing business as (DBA)", "fictitious business name," etc.)