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for everyone in the community

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About the Firm

Rational Unicorn Legal Services LLC practices community business law for everyone in the community. As a certified Oregon Benefit Company, we offer attainable, collaborative, inclusive, and connected legal services. Our down-to-earth attorneys specialize in authentic, magical support for small businesses, nonprofit organizations, and artists and entertainers.

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What is a Rational Unicorn?

Ra·tion·al adjective

  • Based on or in accordance with reason or logic.
    logical, reasoned, sensible, reasonable, cogent, intelligent, judicious, shrewd, common-sense, commonsensical, sound, prudent; down-to-earth, practical, pragmatic

U·ni·corn noun

  1. A mythical animal typically represented as a horse with a single straight horn projecting from its forehead.

  2. An animal who does not enjoy being defined, limited, or restrained. (Well, we can presume that's the case!)

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