Erik Croswell
Bridge City Media

I love working with Rational Unicorn Legal Services LLC because they take care in making legal advice practical and easy to understand for small businesses.

Their a la carte service offerings are reasonable, and they're always just so friendly.

I really feel like they care about me and my business.


Melanie Jackson
TearSheet PDX

After 22 years of doing hair and makeup professionally for famous people, businesses, films, and television, it’s a natural progression when age bites you to continue in some way to use your art, so... fashion / beauty magazine!

I work with Michael and Rational Unicorn Legal Services LLC because he is a competent, honest, caring, and generally badass dude! We love him.

Photo by Bruce Girton; Anni Eve, model; AleO, designer


Jesse Tishkoff
Pawsitive Steps PDX

Michael is great!!! He’s a genuine guy and a wonderful lawyer.

I’m a small-business owner and I recently hired Rational Unicorn Legal Services LLC to help me with new contracts for my clients and contractors. I'm very happy with Michael’s work, his EXCELLENT customer service, and his willingness to meet up with me to go over details.

I'm very happy to have found Michael and will definitely be using him for many more services as my business grows!


Cari Sweet
Jane Does

Jane Does operates differently than others in our profession in many ways, from our pricing structure to the wide range of services offered. Michael has taken the time to understand those differences and tailor his services to meet our specific needs.

We’ve chosen to work with Rational Unicorn Legal Services LLC not only because Michael’s a great lawyer, but also because the firm is invested in the community and in the businesses they support. They work hard to help us all succeed, from providing opportunities for education to showcasing their clients’ businesses.

It feels fantastic to have Rational Unicorns in our corner.