Y Workshops: Learn How to Achieve Success From the Amazing People Who Have Done It

Y Workshops is a great organization, a strategic alliance partner, and a client of ours. So we are a little biased. However, I thought it would be good to share information about what they do as I think they may be a good resource for you and your business. 

The company started in 2017 by putting on events around the Portland and surrounding areas that feature business owners, athletes, and entrepreneurs. The workshops give an opportunity for the speaker to talk not just about their business and services, but to tell their story. Attendees learn about the "Why" and can ask questions. For example, an attendee may want to ask a business owner speaker, "How did you go from driving a school bus to making jewelry?" Or, "Did you face backlash when you told your family you wanted to own a business." 

By giving the local community a place to have real conversations and learn about the nitty gritty of business, Y Workshops helps provide tools and resources and tactics on how to succeed. Most recently, the company decided to make an App that can be downloaded on any smart phone. 

In addition to having the privilege of putting on a workshop about trademarking and how to protect a business name, logo, and brand, I had the privilege of being asked to write a content piece for their app. Check out my "Client Service Agreement" section. 

 YWorkshops has a website and a list serve. Get familiar with them and I'm sure I'll see you at their future events!