Resources for Musicians, Writers, and Artists

Today I had the luxury of meeting several great local creatives at our workshop at Jade Lounge.

As promised to them and for anyone who can utilize this information, here are some resources and reading materials: 

How to Choose The Best Business Structure for Your Business

Don't Get Screwed: The Contract Provisions Every Creative Needs to Know

Do We Need a Band Contract? 

Copyright Basics

Copyright Term and Public Domain in the US (A Handy Table/Chart) 

Protecting Your Art: Copyrights

Copyright Issues for Artists

How to Copyright a Collection

Measuring Fair Use: The Four Factors

Photograph and Copyright Law

U.S. Copyright Office

Should An Artist Trademark Their Name? 

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

Should You License or Assign Your Art? 

Remember if you hire a lawyer for anything (and you should hire them for lots of things), hire them to read and review a contract you are about to sign! 

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